Subject: Trip To London In February
Vanessa. Trips on Go are hard to resist!.

May I suggest a visit to the new Gilbert silver collection on show in Somerset House. You can either go to the main entrance in Strand or walk down to the embankment and go directly into the building housing the collection. I have been twice and I can guarantee that you will find a visit worthwhile. As well as stunning silver there are amazing mosaics on display plus some wonderful miniatures. Everyone who visits is most impressed. If you want to know more I see there is a web site : By the way, the London Eye is out of action for a month because it is shut down for routine annual maintenance, otherwise I would have recommended that for a birds eye view of London. The weather is now a little warmer but drizzly and rather windy, but who knows? the weather is so changeable that it could be sunny when you get here!

The walks you mention are always popular and a good way of getting to know more about this city. I am sure you will enjoy your visit.

Greetings from London Ann speakman