Subject: Friends GTG in NZ
Hi travellers I am sure looking forward to having a GTG with Marco in February some time. I think we will have a lot to share about, with our Swiss Italian culture and German language enjoyment. He is taking the trip around New Zealand very layed back and not planned. I sure hope it works out for me and Richard this time around. As we have not got to meet Elaine and Iain when they were here on their New Zealand trips recently. It sure was sad! I think I realise and others that if you want to see the country, it doesn't pay to spend most the time travelling around the country. It's more valueable to spend quality lengths of time in each place that you want to see and do things.

I heard recently from Iain that he spent too much time driving and not enough enjoying all the things in each place, so I never got to see him, sadly, even though he stayed the night near by where I live, but was too busy and had to drive again the next day.

Does the Group wonder what has happened to Iain?? He unsubscribed from one Egroup and some reason it deleted him from all the Egroups he is in. So I gave him the address for this Egroup again, because he forgot it, and maybe , hopefully he will join us again. Now he is spending a bit of time in Fiji, recorperating, reflecting and relaxing from this hectic trip. You can read about his travels to all the countries he has been to, it is quite detailed and I find quite enjoyable.

Erica New Zealand