Subject: Re: Oh my aching feet!
Dear Ziners,

At the risk of coming across as a snob, I'll mention the shoes I've been wearing for 12 years (literally.) Like Rudy, I have a foot which is odd-shaped and difficult to find comfortable shoes for, until I found Mephistos. When I put these shoes on, it feels like slipping my feet into warm, melted butter.

Mephistos are made in France and are expensive (average price in the U.S. is $250 per pair). But-- and it's a big but-- they are so well-made that they last forever. And when they need new soles or cleaning, you can send them back to Mephisto (or a local dealer), and they will completely refurbish them for a modest fee. I have several pair that I have been wearing for over 10 years. Initially I had a hard time justifying the cost of these shoes, no matter how comfortable they were, but after wearing them for all these years, there is no contest. I use to replace my other shoes every year or two, at $100+ a pop. And since we all are traveling, it is nice that in Europe you can find Mephistos at great savings. Their styling, which used to be somewhat clunky, has gotten much better over the years.

One caveat-- if you have a very narrow foot, these shoes are probably not for you, since they are cut with a very wide toe box.