Subject: London Walks
This post is in direct response to what Debra and Kurt posted as their own response, noted below (I feel like if I don't give all my citations, I'll get called in for academic dishonesty and then get thrown out of school).

> From: Debra Weber Kurt Weber
> Subject: Re: Original London Walks

> I just wanted to put my two cents worth in on the London Walks tours as well. When I was in London, my boyfriend and I did the Jack the Ripper tour and the Salisbury Cathedral/Stonehenge tour back to back. I've said it time and again on the 'Zine that the Ripper tour was frigheteningly entertaining and educational. Some of the things Donald (the guide) shared with us about the crimes and the history of the city have come back as useful things to know beyond the tour. With the Stonehenge tour, they take care of your bus/train transportation and once again, the guide was impeccable. It's a great value to see an interesting side of London that isn't available to the
> tourist walking around the streets alone, and you aren't tied into a strict schedule as you might have with a package tour.

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