Subject: Jack the Ripper London Walk
This walk is a zoo---many, many walking companies all converge on the same area at the same time, each with very large groups. Having heard that, we put off going until last January, when we decided to try it. We did and we loved it! But we were lucky -- the Original London Walks leader was Donald, the author of the definitive (?) book on Jack the Ripper; the group numbered over 100, and he handled them superbly, is terribly knowledgeable, and is a superb storyteller, with a voice that carries so all can hear. Under most circumstances, this big group thing is not our thing, but this was the exception. I understand that in the past year, London Walks has divided up their Jack the Ripper group each time Donald leads it into two groups, one led by someone else, who is probably very good also. However, going with Donald was a special thing and, if you go, it's worth finding out, if possible, how to be in his group. Cheers, Pat