Subject: Cinque Terre
Debbie in Pittsburgh wrote -


Debbie, Everyone's idea of romance is different, but we've staying at the Porta Roca and would never describe it as romantic. In fact, we'd never reserve it again. Porta Roca was a very cold feeling place to us and required us to take meals there - BIG mistake. The three day requirement may be due to the time you are going to be there - Rick Steves has made the Cinque Terre a very popular place. Avoid weekends if at all possible. There are two very nice, small hotels in Manarola and after the tourists leave every evening, you can take a walk on the Via d'Amore for romance. The walks between the towns are often closed due to different things, but it never seems to stop the Italian teenagers from using the walks. I fear calling Marina Piccola romantic, but one man's trash is another man's treasure. Ask for one of the two rooms directly above the restaurant and you'll be treated to one of the most incredible views of the Mediterranean. There is also a third room on that floor, but last time we were there you needed to use the toilet down the hall - we've stayed in al three of these rooms. Also, there is theCa' d'Andrean which is very, very nice small hotel - which we've also enjoyed, although it's not on the sea. Both have info in the Michelin Red Guide. Both seem to ignore faxes, so I'd suggest you telephone them direct. Good luck, Bill Sutherland Montefollonico Italy