Subject: Hello from Tennessee
I was so glad to discover this group today! As many of you already know planning the trip is half the fun! So I'm looking forward to sharing and learning with y'all. Some backround info: I am a militarybrat so my travels started very early, born in Southern Germany, I've lived in 13 states and 2 countries. Of course this all started my travel bug. I've seen 32 states in the US. and visited 10 countries(not many I know, but I working on that). One of the things I'm most passionate about when my husband and I travel is EATING! I love to do research of local specialtys before we go anywhere. My husband Rip and I are currently residing in Knoxville TN. the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountians, we have 1 four-legged child,a Schnoodle named Smoky T. Would love to offer any info. to anyone visiting our neck of the woods! Joann Creekmore