Subject: Travel around Ecuador
Welcome to the list, Juan. My wife and I are exploring Australia, and have been for several months. One of our next vacation spots is scheduled to be Ecuador. So, we would love if you would add us to your list of people with whom you correspond about your adventures. We will do the same for you (about monthly), if you would like to learn about Australia.

Just yesterday we read the sad news of a huge oil spill in the Galapagos region. What are ship doing traveling between those environmentally precious areas? Shades of the Valdez. Recently a ship ran aground on the Great Barrier Reef here in Australia. They had to dynamite it off the reef to get it clear. The International Shipping treaty obviously has no teeth, or these irresponsible skippers would not take the short-cut-chances that they obviously are.

We look forward to hearing about your experiences in Ecuador. We are in the process of relocating in Queensland. What we love is lots of beaches, rivers for fishing and crabbing, and very friendly people. We have found them all here in Australia. Let us know how you do in Ecuador.

Marghe and Marty in Boyne River, Tannum Sands. Mappy traveling to everyone!

P.S.: We are staying at fellow Ziners Barb and Robs' Beach N Reef Motel. They are delightful, friendly and very helpful. Today we will look at more houses. We believe this may be the area where we will settle.