Subject: Re: JORDAN
Hi, Rosemary,

I have just found that the tour operator called Petra Moon is in fact affiliated with the hotel Petra Moon which you said looks kind of bad---do you remember why you thought it was bad? Unclean or what other hidden things?

I have serious trouble deciding which tour operator to go for; on the one hand, Petra Moon is the only tour operatoir which has organised group tours (and I really dislike travelling on my own-unless you happen to know that I can quite easily go out on the street in Amman and shop for local organised group tour packages), other than Insight. Insight offers a 3-night 4-day group tour but costs about US$830. They do however book Le Meridian which you said was very good; but still three nights are a bit expensive for that price.

I cannot join the operators you mentioned since they are all in the US and I live in Hong Kong and will depart from here. Any more advice will be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Kura