Subject: Re: digital camera advice?
I have been using Nikon Coolpix 990 and I love it. It is not miniature but still it is smaller than any SLR. Picture quality is great. It can take hundreds of pictures on one set of 4 LITHIUM batteries. I would still recommend rechargeable batteries. It has an LCD. It is loaded with controls and you can get fish-eye, telephoto 2x, 3x, and wide angle attachments. As for the memory you use flash cards. A 128 MB one will hold about 100 pictures in Fine resolution mode. You can organize/edit/delete pictures in camera. Memory cards are small enough to take a few of them though they are a quite expensive. With all the toys and memory cards the camera gets quite expensive. The other drawback is that the camera is not waterproof.

Happy shooting, Ewa