Subject: Re: Coolmax question
Hi folks! I've been lurking for several months, enjoying the shared wisdom on this site. I had to add my 2 lire worth of advice about the Coolmax inquiry... I'm fairly active in outdoor activities (walking, hiking, volunteer trail maintainer) and I love many of the synthetic fabrics available. They're comfortable, warm, and safe in cool and wet weather. I took both Coolmax and lightweight cotton underwear with me on a three-week trip to Italy last May-June. The Coolmax was ok when the weather was somewhat warm and dry (in the Tuscan hill towns, for example). HOWEVER, when it was hot and humid (Venice and Milan), I found the Coolmax to be too warm and too slow to move perspiration away from my body. I had to stick to the cotton briefs and t-shirts. In cooler weather, though, I've had great luck with Coolmax. Maybe it's just my body's weird thermostat. -Mark Mitchell