Subject: digital camera advice?
Hello Erina, We use a Ricoh RDC-5300. It has a nice size LCD screen, removable media memory, up to 6x zoom lense and is easily carried on your belt. We use rechargeable AA batteries, always keeping one set charged. You can easily take hundreds of pictures off any size memory card if you are willing to sacrifice pixel size. If you want maximum resolution, you give up some memory space on your camera. But if all you can post on the web is 640 x 480 anyway, why keep the mega size pictures. We do carry our laptop. With it, we can transfer memory from the cards and onboard memory with ease, via floppy, or what we use, US. It is quick and very efficient. Using a serial port is also possible, but transfer is like watching grass grow. Digital cameras are great! No film, no expense after the original purchase. Many sites allow you to post for free (Gatherround), where you or others can order hard copies of only the pictures you want. Deleting all your photos by accident fears are like the Millennium Bug: use common sense, copy to the Internet, to your computer, etc, before you delete those precious memories. Our Ricoh has a switch which allows it to be plugged into TVs anywhere in the world, where you can host slide shows. We use a portable tripod and remote control to take any picture we want anywhere in the world. Regarding comments of speed, we catch soaring Eagles and butterflies with ease. Still trying to catch a Saltie Crocodile on its hind legs, though. There are undoubtedly better cameras than our *old* Ricoh (1999), but we are very pleased with its performance. We recommend it to you. But whatever Digital you chose, we are certain you will be glad to put aside your film camera. When we *must* make hard copies, we buy one of those disposable cameras and send the film to our family to develop. We can't think of carry that extra weight. Happy traveling and picture taking! Marghe and Marty in beautiful, peaceful Boyne River, Australia.