Subject: Re: digital camera advice?
And I use a Sony Mavica 95, very close to the Nikon 990 in size but maybe a bit more in features, like a 20X zoom and sport/action shot capability so you can get some repetitive shots. It also will record an MPEG movie for up to something like 5 minutes provided you have a large memory stick. What I like about this is that it is actually smaller and lighter than my 35MM camera with a zoom lens, to say nothing of being able to get 20X zoom, macro and MPEG, and it offers a ton more features/capabilities than a 35mm point and shoot with zoom. My wife will be carrying that small snapshot camera.

It really depends upon what type pictures you want to take, snapshots or photographs. (Not being snobbish but just trying to be brief. I do lots of editing of photos with digital pics that I cannot do with the 35mm. Like remove unwanted objects and stuff and enhance light, add special effects, etc. Sometimes those little tricks make the photograph more representative of what I remember.

Try for some interesting reading on digital cameras. Shop for them for pricing with to get some ideas of prices.

say cheese, Rudy