Subject: Re: On chocolate...
Wile on the subject, and for a piece of adventureas well as a wonderful taste treat, I'd recommend ---

A Must!!! We found a fabulous bakery on N260 23 km from Seu d'Argel in Cerdeyna (in the Cadi Mts) on the way to Bellver. It's called Vilarrubla in Martinet (right on the N-way on the left if you're travelling east)- tel: 515028. We bought biscotti and butter cookies filled w/ jam and dipped in the best chocolate ever!!! The chocolate is made in the back of the shop and this year (we did make a side trip) we purchased 5 bars each of their dark and milk chocolate to take home as gifts! These are then hand-wrapped and dated to be eaten one year from the date stamped. The chocolate is truly amazing -- This is definately are worth a detour!!!!

Susie Newton, MA