Subject: Digital Camera

We're very happy with our Olympus D-460 Zoom. It's nearly a year old - I think the new model is the 490. It's compact, has both a viewfinder and a LCD screen, has great resolution, and you can add extra memory with 8, 16, 32, or 64 Mb Smartcards. I just looked to see which one I have installed right now - it's a 16 Mb card, and at the lowest resolution (which is fabulous) it will hold about 230 photos. You can switch to high, or super high resolution, and of course, store fewer photos. We also bought a FlashPath card from Sandisk. It's a metal card in the shape of a floppy disk. You insert your Smartcard from the camera into the Flashpath, and just use it like a regular floppy disk to transfer photos to your desktop (in addition to tranferring by the included cable). Check out the reviews at various sites - I like

We used my father-in-law's Sony Mavica on an Alaskan cruise. Yes, the floppies were handy, but the camera was huge! And it's lack of viewfinder meant that you had to use the LCD screen to sight your photo - not always easy on a sunny day.

I think the newest, most expensive Mavicas store photos on a small CD. In fact, I think the newest Olympus does too. Check it out!