Subject: digital camera advice
I recently changed my heavy SLR for one of the lovely new lighter models. For me digital is not an option, I couldn't do without my range of lenses or the option of the manual features on my camera. I find the quality of the prints from digital are not as good as my SLR, but they are getting closer all the time. With regard to manipulating the image, we scan our prints, then take them into Photoshop, we have an excellent printer, but most of our efforts go on to our website or are distributed to family and friends via e mail. Tony just leaned over my shoulder and told me H.P. have come out with a digital SLR which takes Pentax lenses for (he thinks) around $1,000 US, so I may eventually join the 21st century but not this time around. Our guide in China last year took her digital everywhere and it was a wonderful ice breaker when we got into remote villages. Everyone would turn out to see themselves on the small screen. Children and the elderly were especially enchanted. Of course you can do the same thing with a video camera but that is a whole new debate. Sue&Tony Toronto, Canada