Subject: digital camera advice?
I purchased a Pentax zoom SX 7 camera with a 80-320 extra lens. You will not believe what I did! I had taken 10 rolls of film while in New Zealand, and paid $102 in development. Thirty were terrible, because of the miserable weather when we reached the fiords, but that is not the worst of it! I began asking Pentax by email why I got such terrible pictures, and they said Go to Photography School. I then decided to return the 80-320 lens back to the store, and when stepping out of my door, the bag which was all tied together with velour opened, and the camera and the lenses came tumbling out on the cement. I was stunned. You are talking about $1,000. worth of equipment! I took it to the camera store where I purchased it, and told them if they would have given me a zippered bag this would not have happened. There was a lot of back and forth, but the short of the story is I did not damage the original lens, and they are giving me the body gratis. They are estimating whether the extra lens can be repaired, and how much it would cost if it can. Talk about fate! I then heard all this conversation about digital cameras from our group, and when I asked the camera store, they said it cost a lot of money for paper supplies and ink, and basically digital cameras were about five years away from perfection. She suggested I wait. Just a tale of woe and mishap! Elaine