Subject: digital camera advice
Dear Fellow Ziners,

I use a Sony Mavica and it takes both moving and still shots. I find it just as handy as my regular 35 mm, even more so in some ways, because I can print my own photos on my printer right here, edit them and brighten or darken them, correct flaws, like anything else, it takes some knowledge and some patience to learn all the different softwares and hardwares that create the finest shots. However, if you take the time to study your color inkjet printer, utilize some good art/paint software (I use PaintShopPro) you can do AMAZING things with your shots. Like sunsets can be lightened so they look JUST as they really did in real life. And FILM? You can delete shots from disks and take more! It is more economical that way. Risks, I suppose that disks can maybe be more easily damaged than film cans, so I would recommend taking extra care. As to equipment, I think I carry far less with the digicam, as the zoom takes care of the need for any telephoto lens. As to wide angle, well, ya can't win 'em all!

Sheila Barrera Gulf Coast Waterway, Tampa Bay Area, Florida