Subject: Glasgow member
Hi Ziners,

I am De-lurking and posting for the first time to this interesting list! I have so enjoyed reading all the posts since I joined! My husband and I are very frequent travellers and are interested in all things travel-wise. Our favourite destination is the USA. We first discovered it in 1986 and have been visiting several times a year since! Our plans for this year are 10 days in NYC in Feb - we do this annually to go to the Met opera and NYP concerts. we just love NYC !! A Couple of visits to Cape Cod where we have a daughter working! A tour to Alaska and the Yukon in September. This will be a coach tour which is most unusual for us as we usually do self drive and self book our accomodations. But we understand that you cannot take a hire car from Alaska into the Yukon easily and so this time we decided to let someone else take the strain of driving---particularly the longish distances there!

If there are any Ziners out there who would like info on Glasgow we would be only too pleased to help!!

regards Elma Elma Richmond, Glasgow, Scotland, U.K.