Subject: Storage for digital photos
The Digital Wallet looks great. It is a wonderful *idea* - I must admit I am intrigued, perhaps even drooling a little. I like new gadgets... BUT...In my humble (or not) opinion it is overpriced - big time!

The review priced at $500 USD. The components are only around $100. According to ( 6.4 GB hard drive ~ $64. flashcard/memory card reader ~ $30. Total $94

I am not sure how much plastic costs these days, but surely not $400! I could see a for profit mark-up to maybe $150-200, but $500 is hard for me to justify when memory is so cheap (and physically easier to handle). Go to Click on Flash card under the Memory column. You can get a 32 MB card for only $44 and a 128 MB card for $148. While $500 for 6GB may seem more attractive... just how many pictures are you planning on taking in a single trip? Your camera batteries won't outlast the memory. I could see the Digital Wallet being very handy for a professional photographer who might take hundreds of pictures a day. However, in my 10 day vacation to Italy I don't expect to take a 128MB worth of pictures!

In case these numbers don't mean anything to readers more familiar with traditional rolls of film (usually 24-36 pictures, right?)

The camera I am considering (Canon IXUS aka Elph) comes with an 8 MB card which holds: 110 pictures @ 640X480 resolution (standard for posting on the web which is all I'll do)

So a 128 MB card will hold 900 pictures!!! Now, the Digital Wallet 6GB will hold approximately 79,000 pictures!!! whew! I am not sure my *brain* can hold that many pictures.

While normally, I am a fan of bigger is better when it comes to memory, what it ultimately comes down to for me is the unnecessary *BULK* while travelling. With a 128 MB card in my camera I won't need to carry anything other than extra batteries - because I will run out of energy way before I run out of memory. But the Digital Wallet is about the size of a Walkman tape player.

Like I said, it is a good idea. And hopefully the hefty price tag is just because it's new. Maybe next year the price will drop to half that amount, it might be worth considering...

Again just my opinion. My personal goal is too carry the least amount of stuff while touring.

Just my 2MB worth. Erina in Amsterdam, The Netherlands