Subject: Travel budget, Slovenia
Hi Beth! I live in Slovenia and I can give you a hint about how much a meal costs in this country. I presume you will have breakfast in your hotel and then search for a restaurant or an inn according to your own heart's desire. A lunch or dinner should cost somewhere between 14 to 22 US dollars for two persons. I checked some well known places here in my town (and around it) with decent food. It should be representative for the rest of the country. Namely - I live on the border Slovenia/Italy where many Italians come here to enjoy food in Slovenian inns and restaurants (even on daily basis!). You probably know how good and demanding eaters Italian visitors are. I hope this answers your question at least to some extent. If you need more information or more specific ones feel free to email me. If I don't know the answer right away I may ask around and let you know then. Good luck! Goran