Subject: Northern Italy in Februuary
Hi Kathy,

I agree with Paolo's opinion that February can be foggy in Padania Plain, but it's part of the fun, since this area of Italy has a special charm when fog wraps everything up. And,should the sun break through the fog,it will not be so cold indeed. At least I can assure you that February is less rainy than March and April (and often even May or June,for that matters).It's one of my favorite months for doing short treks or walks in the hills near where I live. Very notable towns between Milan and Bologna are Mantua, Cremona and Parma.Also the area between these three cities has many little gems to offer(one for all : Sabbioneta),and fantastic food. You could also combine Mantua and Cremona with Verona,Padua and the Brenta valley ( between Padua and Venice). Anyway, 8 days are barely enough to see one of these places on your way to Venice, and one on your way back. Have a nice trip Leonardo from Italy