Subject: Best way to get to Gatwick Airport?
Hi I wish I knew your name! As someone who had their wallet pick-pocketed while dragging a suitcase through Victoria at morning rush hour, I think I would take the service offerend by Hotelink. I have decided that I hate dragging luggage off and on buses, trains, tubes, etc. If you are young , or strong, or spry, it might be OK. But it is not for me. I am especially aware that no matter how lightly I pack to go on a trip, I will be dragging some extra weight home with me. By the way, the wallet that was taken was empty. It contained exactly 2P, and my passport, credit cards, etc, where in my body safe. But it was a Coach wallet, a gift, and I felt horrible about losing it. We have tried bus, tube and train links, but have decided that the extra $ for a comfortable ride in and out of our vacation is worth it to us. This is an individual choice, of course. This is just what we have decided works best for us. Cheers, Debbie in Pittsburgh