Subject: Re: Budget for Food
This has not been my experience at all in Italy. In all the many hotels where I have ever stayed in Italy, the breakfast tables are a symphony of sliced (and delicious) meats, cheeses, rolls, pastries of all kinds, juices, fruits, cereals etc. Naturally there is also coffee along with juices and bottled water. I know that the typical Italian breakfast is a coffee and a pastry, but I have noticed that the Italians staying at the subject hotels seem to enjoy the large assortment of foods at these breakfasts. It is hard to only have a glass of juice and cereal with some fruit when there are so many good things to eat, especially those wonderful sliced meats. So my issue isn't the paucity and quality of food but the marvelous and bountiful selection of food at hotel breakfasts in Italy which I usually have to pass on as there is a whole day of terrific meals ahead. :-)

It is also not unusual to see people gather up food from the breakfast tables which they will no doubt snack on later in the day.