Subject: Breakfast in Italy (was Budget for Food)
Hi All

This has also been my experience. And I love the pitchers of hot foamy milk served with coffee in France and Italy. I never opt out of the breakfast. I need the coffee (sad but true) in the morning, as well as love it.

Kurt is a late riser so I usually have breakfast alone, reading my guidebook for the day, and hope for conversation with another traveller. The funny thing is that no one ever speaks to me! I smile and nod and make the occasional comment, but......nothing!

Anyway, after finishing my breakfast, I ask the attendant to help me fix a tray with coffee and a roll to take to my husband. I accompany my request with Lire, so they are always helpful. Kurt has coffee to wake up to, I have another cup while he dresses and we are well satisfied as we begin our day.

I also want to add that at my beloved Santa Maria degli Ancellotti, where some of you have planned stays, the breakfast bar looks very bare. That is because La Signora is waiting in the kitchen to fix you eggs and anything else you might want!

Ciao Debbie