Subject: Eating in Europe
Someone has asked about inexpensive dining in Europe, and I thought I'd share this:

A few years ago, four of us traveled in Scotland and England, and our most memorable meals were those where we stopped at a deli, bought wonderful things like hot meat pies, pastries, etc. then spread a blanket overlooking the sea or in a park or at the edge of the woods, and just loved it. We hadn't thought of this before we left, so had to buy a cheap blanket, and one of our group took along a great, huge salami roll. We ate some of it amost every day, but the thing grew as we went along, and we ended up leaving a huge portion behind. (We haven't eaten a salami since.) We stayed in B &B's and really enjoyed meeting the other guests. Then we kind of splurged on our evening meal, though we always chose a casual place, so we didn't have to bother with dressy clothes, which we didn't take in the first place