Subject: Where are you going this year?
Hi, G'Day and Aloha fellow travelers, Where are we going? Well, we have been traveling and living out of our suitcases since June 9,2000. We have written a bit about what we have been doing, starting with California, Oregon and Nevada, then heading to all the Scandinavian countries, as well as Estonia for some months. Since October we have been in Australia, mostly Queensland, or the Northeast State. We love it here. So, we have decided that we may not be returning to Hawaii in April after all. Marghe says: lets see more. The land, flora and fauna are a delight; the beaches numerous and pristine. But the thing that makes Australia so truly special is the people. They treat each other and us as we wish everyone did: with humor, they are helpful, they are courteous. Their obvious happiness is infectious. Family comes first here, folks, like it used to in the good old USA. So we will probably be here this year. A rendevous with family in Italy seems to far for now. Our wanderlust seems to have focused on this big, beautiful island, that is also a continent and a single country. We know little of Sydney and the southern parts of this HUGE country, so we can't be of much help to Karen. Nice to see that Barb and Rob and others have helped out with information on that request. What a great group of helpful travelers.

Happy traveling! Marghe and Marty with Barb and Rob on Boyne Island.