Subject: Re: Teenagers in Cairns -- Suggestions
G,day Anna, Tell your sainted friend who is chaperoning the middle schoolers to keep them busy with a trip to Kurunda. You can buy tickets for the day trip. Go up to the top of the mountain on the train come back on the skyrail, or vice versa. There are tourist shops and restaurants up there at the market and also a great butterfly exhibit. Try the walk out to the Falls and also you can walk part of the way through the rainforest and then get back on the skyway...There is an Aboriginal Cultural centre there also..... The Daintree is a great place to go to see a rainforest. Tours available. Crocs....Go out to the Reef on one of the big boats like Quicksilver. It is truly beautiful. They have a package deal and offer lunch with it...The US dollar buys a lot in OZ now so its a bargain...Nothing to speak of in Cairns. Its just a big old country town....Lots of tourists however. You can not swim off the beach at Cairns as it is a mud flats, but you can go further north for wonderful beaches. Favorites of mine are Trinity Beach and Port Douglas. You did not say when they are going....Depending on the time of the year it is advisable to check for stinging things in the water off the beaches...The natives are friendly and love tourists.....Gay