Subject: Re: planning for Hawaii
Dona, My wife &I were at the Royal Waikoloan on the northern Kona coast a couple years ago &loved it.We got up in the morning &walked along the beach &came back &ate breakfast in the open-air restaurant of the hotel.I hadn't shaved, only had sandals on, etc.-very casual-it was great.

We rented a car while we were there &most mornings drove up the mountain to a deli &got giant muffins, banana + Knoa coffee for breakfast. This would hold us till early afternoon. We took driving trips over the mountain &around to Hilo &the lava fields.Take the time to drive to the coast were the lava has flown &entered the ocean-quite impressive!!!

Hilo wasn't as interesting as I had hoped-Most interesting was info of how it was wiped out by Tidal wave in 60's. Several interesting stops on the eastern coast of the island-place where they filmed Waterworld(Kevin Costner). The drive around the crater road is impressive &lush!!

Have a good time-wear plenty of sun screen- Burn can quickly ruin trip.

Casual is word on cloths-I could liv e in shorts &T-shirts &sandals for the week.

Good trip