Subject: Re: Where Are You Going?
We've been enjoying posts on travel itineraries this past week. Fun to see where you all are traveling this year. Guess this group is aptly named :)

We spend the winter in Tucson, Arizona (3 Months) to get away from the cold Minnesota weather. It's beautiful down here- great hiking in the desert and canyon areas. Any other ziners in the area?? We'll be here another month.

Off to Italy at end of April for two weeks. Love to meet anyone for GTG in Rome or Milan. Other short trips to San Francisco, Chicago and Orlando this year. Maybe a cruise if we have any travel money left before we return to Tucson in December. Our drive back and forth allows us to see other parts of the country with sidetrips to something more interesting than freeway McDonald's stops.

Thanks for all the fun reading! Eileen &Al