Subject: Savannah and the Low Country
Judy, If you happen to drive between Savannah and Charleston, I highly recommend a stop in Bluffton, SC if you like fresh oysters. The local ones from the Chechessie (SP?) river are second to none, including Appalachicola Bay, FL, which I used to think were the best in the world. You can either pick some up at local roadside seafood markets or ask in a restaurant although Bluffton is a bit short on those. If you stop in Beaufort or visit Hilton Head, inquire as to the origin of the oysters. Settle for nothing else. And Beaufort is a very interesting place. I highly recommend the horse drawn carriage tours. A good 3 hours and very informative. Absolutely wonderful she-crab soup at Bistro Dejong, dinner only. In Savannah, the tour buses are good but this is truly a walking town in the historic area. Fascinating history and architecture. And all the squares are absolutely wonderful, each with its own statue or monument. If you like good ole' Southern cooking like Momma used to make, there is an excellent restaurant Lady &Sons, but be prepared to stand in line and no reservations. Enjoy Savannah and the Low Country. Rudy