Subject: Re: Hotel in Padua
We have stayed at the Hotel Igea twice and will be staying a third time this May. Its Web address is, its email address is hoteligeapd ; its street address is via ospedale, 87 35128 PADOVA - ITALIA; its phone is 39 - 049 - 8750577, and its fax is 39 - 049 - 660865. We will be paying 150,000 L for a triple room (without breakfast). It is 186,000 L with breakfast. The rooms are fancy, but they are more than ample in size. The staff is very cordial. It is about a 10 minute walk to the town center. A block away at the corner of vie ospedale e fallopio is a very good restaurant (though our favorite is the Vecchia Padua nearer the city center). You can also catch a bus to the train station at that corner.

IMHO Padua is a really neat city, especially for an academic like myself, because of its wonderful history. We enjoy staying there and commuting to Venice.

Ira H. Bernstein, Ph. D.