Subject: Re: San Jose, Costa Rica, airport congestion

Sadly, it seems the exit from Costa Rica is fraught with anxiety & overbooking is the norm.

My advice would be to reconfirm your return flights 72 hours prior to departure, make sure you have seat assignments, &if possible, arrange for group check-in procedures. Sometimes, if your group is too small for AA to want to have you checked in as a group, a porter can expedite this for you (probably for a fee). Allow at least 2 hours prior to departure, &3 hours may be better. Decide if you are willing to be bumped voluntarily, so that if the flight is overbooked, when compensation is offered, you can be ready to accept an alternate schedule. Be prepared with a small carryon to be flexible with your new arrangements, as checked luggage may lag behind you.

Good luck!

Gail in Eugene