Subject: Carnival Cruise to Ensenada
Hi all,

Not much of a trip, but I thought someone might be interested. I took a weekend cruise to Ensenada this weekend on the Carnival Holiday. It was really a lot of fun, and I enjoyed myself. I wasn't sure how it would be since I'm not really an Organized type of traveler but in retrospect it was really relaxing for a short get away. No which restaurant should I eat in decisions, no how much does that dish cost questions, no are we going to get separated anxiety! Plus, since Los Angeles harbor is 30 minutes from my house, it's pretty convenient!

The rooms were a nice size (I went with 2 cousins for girl's weekend) and our steward was great. Nightly turn-down service, the room was cleaned several times a day, etc. The meals were better than I expected for such a short, inexpensive ($300 each) cruise. It was actually pretty delicious! It was so much fun to be able to order lots of menu items...they keep the portions small so you don't feel bad ordering multiple appetizers or even entrees. I love to taste different things, so I ate a lot of foods I don't normally prepare but love to eat like escargot, lobster tail, roast duck and baked alaska. People always talk about gaining weight on a cruise, but with a 3 day trip you don't have that much of a danger.

We got on the boat Friday around 2pm, and didn't sail until 6pm. However, there were activities and a buffet all afternoon, so it's sort of like getting an extra day. Saturday we arrived in Ensenada around 11am. Spent the day in town shopping, eating a fabulous lobster lunch, and drinking &dancing at Papas &Beer. Then back on the ship for formal night. Sunday was spent at sea, relaxing, taking a dance lesson, eating of course, etc. The boat arrived back in Los Angeles at 8am Monday morning, and we were on our way home by 10:30am.

It's not the most glamorous vacation, but it certainly is an inexpensive getaway. I wouldn't recommend it for older guests, as Carnival definitely seems to cater to the Fun Ship crowd. I heard it's much crazier in the summer and spring break, when it turns into a floating frat party. Since it was January, it was a calmer crowd and very relaxing for me and my cousins.

Natalie Los Angeles