Subject: Re: hotel in amsterdam
Dear Bill,

Hallo! I have a few suggestions about Amsterdam on my webpage, Since you only have a couple of evenings, you probably won't be able to do the museums. However, I highly, highly recommend an evening boat tour (a wine &cheese tour) because it gives a lovely overview of the city. There are many, hotels in Amsterdam. I have not stayed in any, but some friends of mine enjoyed

Hotel Villa Borgmann Koningslaan 48 Amsterdam tel: +31-20-6735252).

This hotel is in the museumplein/Vondelpark area which is very nice. However, since you will not be staying long, you may prefer to look for a hotel close to Centraal Station or the Dam. Unlike many cities, the central train station area is *not* a dump. You can find many hotels &restaurants in a wide range of prices around there.

We recently had a discussion about Amsterdam, so if you search The Travelzine archives you will find more info about the city and things to do. I'll be glad to answer any questions you have - or try to at least :-)

Erina in Amsterdam, The Netherlands