Subject: Fun and request
Hi Friends

I was away last weekend at a Music Festival, sleeping in tents. About 25 000 people there raging, playing sports, listening to speakers, swimming etc. It was just full on all weekend long, like the 2 dance tents going till 6am. I loved all the dancing and the moshing, but got a sore leg, because I was going hard out! maybe I am not that fit after all!!!!

I agree that it would make it easier if people would cut down the e-mails that they are replying to and make them brief and to the point. It sure would make our Daily Digests easier to read and quicker to understand. When people respond to emails, could they delete the original message unless they're responding to a certain portion. With the digests, it's difficult to distinguish between the new and old emails.

eureka Erica New Zealand