Subject: Liability insurance--rental cars out of U.S.
When out of the U.S. or Canada and renting cars, we ALWAYS buy the optional insurances---saves so much hassle. Yes, I know that credit cards cover some damages, but not all; however, then one has the hassle of collecting back in the U.S. and trying to get all required documentation from the foreign country thousands of miles away (Many articles written about this in various travel magazines. . .the consensus of these articles seems to be DO BUY the insurances when renting abroad.) Also, if you are counting on your credit card insurance, remember that it is good for only a 29- or 30-day rental. . .the one time we turned down the insurances and used our Am Ex card, when we tried to collect on a fortunately small bit of body damage, we were told that, since it was day 31 of a six-weeks rental, we were entitled to nothing (True, we did not read the credit card company's small print). Then we had to arrange to buy insurances from the car rental co. for the remaining 11 days of our rental, fearing a major accident or liability. Fortunately, they would let us buy just 11 days' worth. Cheers, Bill