Subject: Alaska Marine Highway
To do this voyage really cheap, Vanessa, you can just go on the ferry and not rent a cabin! I have a good friend who did this when she was in her mid-fifties; she took her little tent and a camping stove and set up camp on the deck with all of the much younger people doing the same thing and had the time of her life. There are covered, enclosed portions, apparently, plus all passengers can use the lounges or buy food aboard. Now 65, she plans to do this same thing again! Not for me, however. But, you might look at some of the really cheap fares on some of the cruise ships---there are too many ships doing that run right now and they are offering fantastic deals to get passengers. It is a beautiful voyage; we did it on a cruise ship (not an expensive one) a few years ago, both ways, and had a wonderful time---the scenery throughout was fantastic--Vancouver to Juneau, etc. Pat in Baltimore