Subject: Re: Where to go in Provence
Hi Carol --

I dug out my notes so here goes -- If I can be of further help, let me know. I have other places, but these are the best of our trip.

The B&B in Vaison la Romaine --L'Evêche -- Aude &Jean-Loup Verdier (he's and architect and wait until you see how breakfast is spread out on the table... ) Rue de l'Evêche (Cité Médiévale -- upper part of town) tel: (33) 04 90 36 13 46 --- fax: (33) 04 90 36 32 43, email: eveche

The ruins are in the more modern section but about 5 min. by car from the B&B.

Apparently, this B&B was reviewed in Gourmet April '94 (Jean-Loup gave us the review to read.) It's a terrific place on a truly romantic side street in the old section. The view from the back terrace is wonderful and the rooms and home is very comfortable and nice. Breakfast is a treat! You will really like Jean-Loup --but we never did meet his wife.

We loved the B&B (La Bouquière in Bonnieux - see the write up in the files of Travelzine) -- If you can't find it, I'll send you info.

(If you go to Bonnieux, don't forget the Bread Museum and the Bakery -- Chez Henri -- wonderful gateaux provençal -- (we usually went in first thing in the am, and found Henri singing from the back... wonderful bread, too!)

Restaurants that we loved were: Le Fournil in Bonnieux -- excellent with wonderful terrace -- very informal, chic - expensive -- tel: 04 90 75 83 62

Augerge de la Bartavelle - Goult (Goult is a very small, wonderful village -- somewhat Spanish in flavor) -- this restaurant is outstanding --also expensive -- tel: 04 90 72 33 72.

*** In Carpentras, there is a special cheese shop called La Fromagerie du Comtat -- It is really worthwhile if you're going to be in the area. It has every le cheese that we could think of and more... It's at 23, Place de l'Hôtel de Ville. tel: 04 90 60 00 17. Have a great trip! Regards, Susie