Subject: Re: Single Woman Safety in Paris?
HI Erina Since I have read just about every guidebook on Paris, I wanted to tell you that they all say to stay away from the Les Halles area after dark, although my husband and I did find ourselves there and felt no discomfort.

Sandra Gustafson has some excellet tips about safety in Paris in her book Cheap Sleeps in Paris which is full of good information on hotels with good rooms for singles, too. Also suggests Metro stops to stay away from. If you can't get it, as I did, on the Internet through one of the big booksellers, I can perhaps photocopy some of the info and send it. But it is a very handy book and I would suggest that you try to get a copy.

Also, the Plan de Paris per Arrondisement is available all over Paris, and sure makes finding your way around a lot easier, especially when you are searching for a place that is off the beaten path. We got one as soon as we arrived and it was very helpful.

Debbie in Pittsburgh