Subject: Bancotel - Late arrivals!
Hi all,

Whilst in Spain last May we booked a hotel in Barcelona with Bancotel (great value) for my sister and husband, who travelled there October, 2000, unfortunately the flight was delayed and they were late arriving at the hotel. They were told they were 30 minutes late to secure the room and the room had been already been re-let. (Please let the hotel know if you will be arriving late, they will then hold your room), expensive lesson.

The hotel reception were not interested in helping them to get another hotel, the receptionist was quite rude, so at 8.30pm they had to carry their luggage trying to find another hotel. They were fortunate to find another hotel quite quickly, without using the bancotel vouchers, therefore they had to pay again!

Unfortunately my sisters purse was stolen, the result being 5 thousand pounds was spent on her credit card!

Once they returned home they wrote to Bancotel, they were great, they will let them have replacement vouchers, so we shall collect them when we return to Spain in April.

We thought Covadonga might be interested in hearing this !!

Keep safe Linda &Geoff Wales