Subject: RE: - Greek Ferries
We've used the ferry system every spring and found 2nd class seats (cushioned) to be very comfortable - We've never rented a cabin and have been on ferries for as long as 11 hours. (We have never used the system from Corfu to Brindisi)

I would say one thing: The ferries are notoriously late - and they don't wait for anyone. All cars, trucks and people disembark at once and then the reverse starts as the ferry loads -- It's a free-for-all and an amazing thing to see and be a part of... Keep your ticket at all times as the conductor will punch it when you're least expecting this to happen.

It's fun and the people are delightful. If the weather is nice and you want to be outside, be aware that the good seats go very quickly!

(Have you read 'My Family and other Animals' by Gerald Durell? -- It's sooooo Greek and if you haven't been to Corfu, it should give you a headstart!)

Here is a website that might be helpful. Have a terrific time. Susie Newton, MA