Subject: Bus, Bed and Breakfast (was Rick Steves)
Hi Clare,

Generally, tours such as Globus, Trafalgar, Tauck, etc. fill the bus with 44 people. The only absolute time requirements are when the bus leaves. You can take or leave as much of the tour as you want. For instance, in Amsterdam, if you haven't had enough when the bus leaves, you are free to stay and return to Haarlem (where the tour stays for Amsterdam) on the train. Of course, you would have missed the rice table dinner but that is your choice. In Munich, one couple went to Salzburg for the day and my husband excused himself to the Deutchesmuseum for the day.

Bus, Bed and Breakfast means that you get a bed, your breakfast and transportation between cities. The tour guide will have a kitty for a few group activities that work best for groups and the group agrees on. It also includes an orientation of some sort at each stop which you are free to leave if that suits you best.

There is a tour (and I think maybe a few seats left) that is going to do the south of England. It is the first trip of its kind and therefore your tour cost goes to Bread for the World, a charity.

Barbara in CT