Subject: Re: Vancouver and Victoria B&Bs?

Ann probably knows this better, but I'll step in. Pacific Coach Lines offers a bus from Vancouver airport that gets onto the ferry (run by BC Ferries) and continues to Victoria. Their timetable is on the Web at . It runs every two hours during the day; for your arrival time you would aim for the 1.45 bus and get into Victoria at 5.20. You would get off the bus while it's on the ferry, which offers plenty of room to sit or wander the deck, in addition to selling food and drink. You can buy the bus ticket curbside at the airport. When I bought it with my credit card, the agent carefully wrote the bus line's name on the slip, but didn't take my card number! They needed to call the bus as it got close to the ferry and ask for the number. Also I took a similar itinerary to yours, explained I would be taking the bus back to downtown Vancouver, but they gave me a round trip ticket to the airport, which was more expensive than what I wanted. The agent in Victoria got it straightened out.

Andrew Missouri