Subject: There is certainly much more to Britain than London
Dear Travelziners

I agree with Vanessa..... I can manage about two days in London then I want out. I know that most people will want to visit London when they cross the pond, but honestly there is much more to Britain than London. I mean how would US citizens feel if everyone visiting the US .... was advised to visit New York and forget the rest ?

I have live and worked in the north of England all of my days and really prefer to travel north of my home than south in these crowded islands.

The highlands of Scotland might as well be a different planet. The south is crammed with cars and over expensive. Edinburgh is a great city but have you tried Glasgow.... and what about Durham, York. Liverpool. Have a look at the English Lakes. Then there is Dublin just across the water in Ireland and the bardic history of Wales. There is a whole lot more to these islands than London. For the really esoteric what about an industrial heritage tour... take in Ironbridge, Wigan Pier, Albert Dock (Liverpool). Three hundred years of history in the birth place of the industrial revolution.

For all you folks looking for itineraries outside London check out

Go on live dangerously.

Andrew Mercer