Subject: Hotel Il Burchiello
Hi Anne and Ziners, sorry for replying after a whole week to your message,but I'm having so little time for e-mail reading lately,and I found myself today with 16 daily digest to be read! I wonder if other Ziners are finding it hard to manage the increasing amount of messages; As a matter of fact, I think we have now at least TWO daily digests every day.

Coming to Hotel Il Burchiello,the last time I've been there was about 18 months ago . I think it's rated 4 stars(but I would rather give it 3).It's located in Oriago ,on the old Padua-Venice road (SS 11), that follows the (canalized) Brenta river,an idyllic spot where many 16th to 18th century villas,built by the rich,noble families of the time can be seen (and some of them visited,though I never took the boat ride,which is apparently operated by the same company that owns the Hotel ,on a boat that is also called Il Burchiello). The hotel was built in the '70s and it isn't specially attractive,but the rooms are comfortable,with TV sets,clean small private bathrooms,private parking; breakfast is just average. I consider it a good place to sleep after a tiring sightseeing day,not a place where you would like to spend the afternoon,it's not fancy,but good if you want to be near Venice at prices that can't be found IN Venice.

In front of the Hotel,a third establishment bearing the name Il Burchiello is a restaurant,a renowned restaurant for fish where you can expect to pay about 80 USD plus wine.The fish is well prepared,but I could give you the names of some more restaurants that are surely cheaper and better.

The hotel charged us 250.000 Lire for a triple in September 1999.Expect to pay 130 USD for a double at this time (I can check if you like). It is very convenient for public transport to Venice,since a bus stop is opposite the hotel and there's a bus every 30 min.,taking 25 minutes (on weekends) to Piazzale Roma.The ride will be through the shabby Marghera industrial section ,and Mestre unimpressive administrative and commercial section of the City of Venice,on to the Liberty bridge,that links Mestre with proper Venice.

And yes, the hotel can be reached by train,since Oriago has a station.Trains from Venice Santa Lucia station take 21 minutes.

All this said, I can now tell you that I've already reserved a 2-star hotel in Venice( 450.000 Lire !!!), 50 meters from Piazza San Marco, for Easter weekend. I think we can splurge a bit this time, for our 20th wedding anniversary(which is actually in September).The 4-5-star kind of splurge is sadly out of reach for us,but we will at least enjoy evening strolls in the Calles and early morning approach (to avoid the long lines) to the Etruscan exhibition at Palazzo Grassi.

Ciao for now,

Leonardo from Italy