Subject: Re: Travel in Italy - advice needed

> 2 We plan to drive in Italy - are there toll booths along the autostrada or do we need to buy seasonal tickets? Where can get these tickets? Is car rental &petrol expensive (compared to USA prices)?

There are toll booths. Often when you enter the autostrada there's a machine on which you push a button and the ticket comes out. At some exit booths you can pay by putting a credit card in a machine. Prices for having a car are high; gasoline (petrol) is 3-4 times U.S. prices, but most cars are more fuel-efficient. For car rental Auto Europe generally gets good marks, but I don't know if they're limited to North American residents. One advantage Auto Europe has is listing inclusive rates; be careful about the rates that others might quote you; the taxes and mandatory insurance can more than double the base rate.

> 3 What is a better time to visit I personally prefer September, although I've gone more often in June. In October it gets cooler and there's more risk of rain. In the other months we hear of no rain one year and repeated days of rain the next.

Andrew Missouri