Subject: Hong Kong/Japan
Some of the best advice I ever got about Hong Kong was to book the Salisbury Hotel. I've stayed there all my 4 visits, lately in the executive suite on the top floor for about US $200/night, a >song< compared with what you might pay at any of the other, MANY hotels offering anything like the quality of accommodations you'll find there. And certainly the most convenient possible location, about 3 minutes' walk from the Star ferry to Victoria, and with a view, especially at night, that will knock your sox off! Less costly rooms are available at the Salisbury, a YMCA-managed entity, but the exec suites are worth it. View their webiste. Also, my friend, Judith Love Eastham, also a Zine-r and a Canadian ex-pat and long-time HK resident/business owner who has published an invaluable pocket guide to interesting walks in HK, *may* spontaneously respond to your request. I envy you your trip; my next one won't be before the end of this year when I'll be bringing a friend back from teaching/studying in Korea, and stopping along the way in HK. Happy travels,

Dan Cutcher