Subject: Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh
We have been to Angkor as well as Phnom Penh and have no info on prices as we went on an all-inclusive field experience from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), flying to Phonm Penh and from there to Siem Repp. However, in Phomn Penh,I would have liked to have spent time in the city in additon to the Killing Fields and the prison. While there, we went to the Mekong River and observed the homes on the river as well as the King's Palace which is in stark contrast to the ordinary life in Cambodia. Also, the bus trip from Phomn Penh to the Killing fields revealed a great deal about life in this country which has a long history of takeovers as well as sadness. In Angkor Wat, the historical influence and surviving excavations are remarkable. There is a book that has been written descibing the horros of the Khmer Rouge that I am now reading.

I believe there are direct flights from Bangkok to these sites. The food in Cambodia was quite good, and we followed the usual regulations regarding safety in eating in third world countries.

We have been to Malaysia, but not to Thailand. In Malaysia we spent our time in Penang.

Gretchen South Carolina