Subject: Hong Kong/Japan
I've been living here for some time and love the place so much that I wrote a book about it so that visitors could see that HK actually has some wonderful green spaces (74% is 'Country Park') and lots of history in amongst those tall buildings and special harbour views. Our website has lots of info in it as well on both HK/Macau and Japan.

I've also lived for 6 months in Japan and must say that it is still my favourite country in Asia so ... have lots of info on that as well.

Salisbury Hotel is definitely a great location (right across from the Star Ferry) and the rooms rates are much more reasonable than most. Another good deal is the BP International Hotel which is just on the north side of Kowloon Park and has similar rates. Both are in Kowloon. If you wish to stay on Hong Kong Island - I can recommend a few reasonable hotels there, as well.

HK is remarkably easy to walk around - and, if you get lost, you are never far from a friendly face to help you get your bearings. However, you can usually spot a familiar building or landmark to get you back on track. The subway system (MTR) is excellent and I recommend that you purchase a rechargeable octopus card which works for subways, ferrys (not Star Ferry though), buses and can even get you a morning paper at the nearest 7-Eleven! As someome said - the 'trams' get you from one end of the island to the other (east/west) and are great fun (and cheap at $2HKD).

I'll pull out my usual HK must-see list and send it off to you. It includes a number of the natural sides of HK (the outlying islands, the hiking trails, etc) as well things like the bird and flower markets. There's a new Museum here now that is supposed to be excellent (I haven't yet made it there) - the Museum of Coastal Defence and the History Museum has reopened in a new location and has a great deal more.

I also highly recommend at least a day in Macau if you have time. It's a city quite different than HK that has some fascinating museums, beautiful churches, great restaurants, and - overall - a lot of character.

Cheers! Judy Hong Kong